Through our years of experience in the field of professional cleaning services, we, at “A. PAPPAS – K. PAPPAS G.P.” are able to provide our services, covering all your needs. In collaboration with you, we take into account every particularity of your premises and work schedule to find suitable solutions for all types of work.



The company’s establishment has been the result of long-term research in the cleaning field, through attending seminars, learning about proper machinery handling, training in detergent use methodology etc., aiming to set a significant mark in the field of professional cleaning.



Our expertly trained staff, combined with top quality services and complete technical equipment, allow us to provide assured quality services, from straightforward to specialised cleaning tasks. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified for services such as cleaning and disinfection of various premises, carpet cleaning and wholesale trade of cleaning products.



The company was founded in 1989 by Panagiotis Pappas and operated as a personal business providing cleaning services. In 1998, due to increasing business activity in cleaning services, the company was renamed “A. PAPPAS – K. PAPPAS G.P.”.


In 2008, the company has been expanded into wholesale trade of cleaning and paper products, aiming to universal fulfilment of each client’s needs. That year, the company was transferred to the founder’s two children, Athanasios and his younger brother Konstantinos, who run it to date under the brand “A. PAPPAS – K. PAPPAS G.P.”.


Our company, member of the Hellenic Facility Management Association, has a strong presence in the facility management sector, as well as in wholesale trade of cleaning and paper products, while, since 2010, it expanded its activities concerning cleaning services and carpet storage, with the scope of increasing its clientele and entering new markets.