Initial clean-up and maintenance of professional and industrial facilities

Cleaning of glass panes and facades

Vermin disinfection, Disinsectisation, Rat Extermination

Green management services

Photovoltaic parks cleaning

Graffiti removal



Carpet cleaning

Quilts & blankets

Carpet repairs

Couch, fitted carpet and mattress cleaning

Shag carpet dyeing





Paper products

Cleaning machinery trading – Spare parts – Service

Consumable packaging materials




Through our years of experience in the field of professional cleaning services, we, at “A. PAPPAS – K. PAPPAS G.P.” are able to provide our services, covering all your needs. In collaboration with you, we take into account every particularity of your premises and work schedule to find suitable solutions for all types of work.



  1. Simple tips for your carpet care

    Our company has special know-how in carpet care. Willing to express our gratitude for your trust, we provide a few simple tips to assist with your carpet maintenance until you require our services in the future:


    • Always beat your carpets from the opposite side.
    • Clean your carpet at least once per week with a vacuum cleaner, always in the direction of its strands.
      • When cleaning, persist in areas under furniture where moths and insects reside.
      • Never apply additional force with your vacuum cleaner’s head on the carpets and especially on silk ones.
      • Do not use the vacuum cleaner on carpet fringes as they wear faster.
      • Avoid using bleach on carpet fringes.
      • Great attention should be paid against humidity (e.g., plant pots) as it is a considerable wear factor for your carpet’s strands.
      • Change the position of your carpets, rotating them at least twice a year so that they are not deteriorated from furniture stepping on the same spots.
      • Put your carpets in perforated nylon or cloth packaging when storing.
      • During storage, they must be kept at a horizontal position in a humid-free environment.
      • Should you decide to store your carpets at home, make sure to vacuum them beforehand.

  2. What is Soda Blast?

    What is Soda Blast?

    It is the method where we use regular cooking soda blasted with great pressure on the surface to be cleaned. This surface may vary from wood, glass, marble, metal, aluminium or any other material we wish to clean. By using soda, you may clean any unwanted stain (rust, petroleum, fats, oils, mould, paint, varnish) without damaging the surface.

  1. How to remove graffiti.

    Nowadays, graffiti constitutes a global issue. In most countries, graffiti is a criminal act. It is considered destruction of private and state property which leads to significant financial and moral damage.
    Very conservative estimates indicate that costs associated to graffiti prevention amount to 20-25 billion Euros. It has been proven that graffiti is an indication of other social issues. In addition, accepting graffiti causes an increasing perception of insecurity, it gives the impression of deficient policing and lack of organisation, thus leading to further criminal acts.
    Today, graffiti is a form of expression for the Hip-Hop culture throughout the world. It is worth noting that there are hundreds of websites for communication of graffiti creators who inform their peers about new colours and techniques that make graffiti removal more difficult.
    In Greece, and particularly in big cities, the problem is large-scale, as there is no providence or policy to deal with graffiti.

  2. Cleaning and polishing mosaic floors and floorings made of natural stone / marble

    Our company introduced the new method for cleaning and polishing of mosaics and natural stone floorings (e.g., marble), by applying the HTC diamond cleaning system.

    This system may be implemented both on mosaic floors as well as on natural stone floorings where, within the framework of regular cleaning time and cost required for their daily maintenance, dull and worn floors turn into polished and shiny masterpieces.

    The HTC diamond cleaning system is ideal for large stores, airports, schools, hospitals, churches and other professional facilities. In addition, it is the best HTC Superfloor type maintenance system (polished concrete). No additional floor maintenance cleaning operations are required to obtain and maintain their natural shine.

    The new cleaning system revolutionises the floor cleaning field.

  1. Why cleaning photovoltaic systems is so important?

    When it comes to cleaning your photovoltaic system, the answer to “why” is obvious.

    It is estimated that dirt accumulating on panels, apart from reducing the equipment’s maximum lifespan is also responsible for the annual production reduction, therefore for foregone revenue amounting to 10-15%. Cleaning costs constitute just a fraction of these losses.
    Cleaning photovoltaic panels from all sorts of deposits (pollen, bird excrement, dust, mud, snow, debris, chemical compounds, salts, salty water etc.) must be performed at least twice a year, March/April, after the rainy periods, and August/September, at the end of summer. The cleaning process includes cutting, collecting and herbicide application to plants that hamper easy access to photovoltaic panels. The deionised water system used to clean and maintain facilities is of high standards as all dirt is essentially removed throughout the panel with maximum safety, the most natural and friendly way, extending the lifespan of materials and keeping surfaces clean for longer periods compared to other means of cleaning and maintenance.

    The cost of service we provide is covered by the additional performance of your photovoltaic park upon cleaning while the investor makes a profit instead of spending funds.

    You may trust us

    • Due to our extensive experience in the field of professional cleaning, we provide our expertise and solutions for cleaning your photovoltaic panels.
      Our crews are trustworthy and keep their appointments.
    • We fully undertake the remuneration and insurance of the staff we employ in each project.
    • We fully cover the cost for cleaning materials and machinery used.
    • We may visit your premises at any time or day of the week, during working hours or not, based on the schedule we have jointly created.



    Cleaning machine using deionised water

    Deionised water mobile unit for photovoltaic park cleaning











    Panel cleaning brush


    Advantages when using deionised water

    • Quality cleaning. Deionised water encases dirt and then removes it.
    • High wetting capacity. Ideal spraying leading to uniform coverage of the surface to be cleaned.
    • Increased protection against new pollution thanks to electrostatic charge minimisation. 
    • Fast drying time and spot-free results even when cleaning under full sunlight conditions.
    • Environmentally safe since we avoid using detergents.

  2. What do mow, collection and herbicide services include?

    The scope of mow services is to improve the image and safe moving conditions.

    Lawn maintenance, among other things, contributes to improving the aesthetic appearance of private/public/common areas, thus being an important and indispensable procedure.

    “A. PAPPAS-K. PAPPAS G.P.” have technical resources, such as mowing, pruning and spraying machinery, as well as remarkable manpower, providing a combination that can carry out even the most demanding projects.

    Some of them include lawn mowing on the base of safety barriers or autoroute islets, as well as on other inaccessible areas situated parallel to motorways, residences etc.

    A key advantage of our company is the collection of lawn mowing and pruning remains using a specialised suction machine, so that all work areas are kept clean.

    On top of that, we also dispose chemical means, such as spraying machinery, against the encroachment of unwanted vegetation.

    Lawn mowing

    Herbicide spraying

    Lawn suction tool




    • surface maintenance cleaners
    • sanitary area cleaners
    • kitchen area cleaners
    • dishwasher detergents
    • washing machine detergents
    • room fragrances
    • car cleaning & maintenance products
    • industry


    • hand sanitisers 
    • liquid soaps
    • foam soaps
    • incontinence diapers
    • undersheet pads


    • kitchen rolls
    • industrial rolls
    • hand towels
    • cellulose wadding
    • paper napkins
    • toilet paper
    • placemats 
    • till rolls


    • office bags
    • garbage bags
    • bag rolls
    • food storage bags
    • grocery type bags
    • medical waste bags
    • disposable & extra durable gloves


    • shampoo
    • foam bath
    • soap
    • body cream
    • bathing cap
    • sewing kit
    • toothbrush set
    • non woven slippers
    • cleaning kit


    • interior & exterior cleaning brooms
    • dustpans
    • broom handles
    • mop buckets
    • home & professional mops
    • sponges
    • cleaning cloths


    • plastic – paper – styrofoam cups
    • cup lids
    • paper carrying cases
    • straws
    • stirrers
    • plastic forks – plates – spoons
    • toothpicks
    • paper bags
    • butcher paper
    • paper tablecloths
    • membranes
    • tin foils
    • non-stick parchment papers
    • bamboo sticks
    • disposable apron
    • disposable headwear